“This highbanker changes everything…”

Full Spec Video – Pump Selection – Field Set Up

Testing Video

It’s not often you hear people get REALLY excited about a gold mining product, but that’s what’s happening.  After refining the design, redesigning, and testing, Doc has released the new Raptor Flare (2.0).  In his words… “I believe for the money, it’s the finest unit on the market… period!”gold highbanker

The original Raptor Flare has been one of our top selling units.  Now Doc has decided to put the unit into the high end production line.  It requires a huge investment on our behalf, but the result for the customer is a HIGH quality piece of equipment, at a VERY low price.


highbanker weld The new process / production used for the Raptor Flare requires us to run large amounts of units. It’s very automated, but at the same time has a great deal of human touch and quality control. Laser cutting, forming, and welding are all part of it.

Click the image to the left and you’ll see what we mean.  instead of end caps, and pop rivets, the trays and boxes are now welded.  This high end production line gives the customer one of the finest made highbankers on the market today. More pics HERE

Production / Efficiency: 
The Raptor flare 2.0 can easily run a 5 gallon bucket every 30 seconds.  That’s about 120
placer gold highbankerbuckets and hour, or about 2.5 tons or 3 yards.  Time and time again we have tested this unit with VERY controlled tests and it always runs at 98% capture rate down to 100 mesh gold.
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Large Gold Highbanker