Quantity / Run Rate:
This will vary greatly based on the material run.  Heavy / solid clay material will be slower as in ANY piece of equipment.  With regular type pay, such as river gravels and not clay solids, the unit can run a 5 gallon bucket in about 30 seconds.  Based on this, the unit has a max run capacity of approx 2.8 yards per hour. (120 buckets per hour)

Number of People:
Assuming that some will be digging, some will be transport, some will be feeding, etc… the unit really can keep 3-5 people very busy.  However, it’s the right size for one person when needed.

We have conducted control test, after control test, all using REAL pay material.  The results are always the same.  Above a 98% capture rate down to 100 mesh gold. This is based on what is caught in the sluice… vs. what is in the tailings.  There are several videos on our channel showing how we conduct this testing and that we use gold and pay from all over the world, not just local to the south east.  Much of the gold we use in testing is VERY fine… and very flat. The toughest to recover.