Recommend pumps:

The Raptor Flare highbanker has a 1.5″ plumbing system, however there are very few 1.5″ semi-trash pumps on the market that are cheap and provide the needed water flow. This unit really performs well with about 5000 – 7000 gph.
Therefore most people get a cheap 2″ semi trash pump and reduce it down at the pump.  This allows you to use 1.5″ layflat hose which is lighter,  You can also use 2″ hose and reduce down to 1.5″ at the header box if you wish. Simple PVC reducers you buy at Lowes or Home Depot do the trick.
There are PLENTY of cheap semi-trash pumps around ranging from the $150 – $299 range.
You can find them on EBAY, Amazon, etc.  Just look around and figure out which one works for you.

We really like the pump below…..
Champion Power Equipment 66520 2-Inch Gas Powered Semi-Trash Water Pump with Wheel and Hose Kit


1.5″ 50 foot hose on Amazon: